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Traditional Japanese Natural Medicine

Moxa and Acupuncture are more than just treatments – they are a holistic approach to healing that addresses the root causes of your health concerns. By stimulating specific points on the body, these therapies promote the flow of energy, reduce inflammation and promote the relaxation that helps your body to heal itself.

Regular trips to the Middle East, within the EU and further abroad to treat patients have allowed me to deal with a wide range of health problems. This wealth of experience flows into each treatment I do.

I look forward to welcoming you to my practice.
Yours Maximilian Beindorff


I have Excercise-induced Asthma, and when I first started getting treated with Max, I was a bit skeptical as I had never heard of Moxa therapy before. But after only four sessions I saw a big change in my endurance levels and I would recommend this to anyone after my personal experience. I also appreciate that Max answered all of my 257 questions about the procedure without hesitation, which made me comfortable. He went into details but still explained everything about how Moxa, and the human body, works in a way that was so simple and easy to understand, even for people who have no background in medicine or biology. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who asks!

L.A., Muscat Oman

I'm doing well I'm totally relief from the pain thank you so much for that and I'm looking forward for the next sessions.

M.S., Muscat, Oman

Mit akuten Rückenschmerzen, aber auch etwas Skepsis im Gepäck bin ich durch Empfehlungen zu dir gekommen und habe nun bereits die ersten Moxa Behandlungen hinter mir.
Was soll ich sagen - die Skepsis ist verflogen und meine Erwartungen wurden schon jetzt weit übertroffen! Nicht nur meine Rückenschmerzen sind bereits deutlich gelindert, sondern auch meine zeitweise auftretende Energielosigkeit nimmt stetig ab.

L.B., 30, München

Sowohl für meine Ferse, die davor wirklich monatelang weh getan hat und meine Rückenschmerzen. Meine Schmerzen sind endlich weg.

N.B., München

I wanted to give you feedback that I accidentally ate Salmon last week while on vacation and didn't even have any sort of allergic reaction. Same thing happened yesterday when I ate dumplings with shrimp in the filling. Usually, I have trouble breathing and have unpleasant allergic symptoms. Then I noticed that my typical seasonal pollen allergies haven't acted up for the first time in 25 years. They usually start around April every year. So your treatment for my
allergies worked, no more medicine Also my lower back pains and the numb thighs have been gone for several months now. I'm not sure if it's due to the Moxa or the tincture treatment you recommend, but all that matters is that the pain is gone! I really can't believe it because my respiratory physician couldn't resolve my allergies with the typical sensibility treatments over years now and my orthopedist was sure that I would have to get an operation due to a slipped disc diagnosis. Absolutely crazy - 1 will definitely recommend your treatments.

M.B., 35, München

During my physically and mentally stressful time preparing for the first state examination in law, the treatments did me a lot of good. I noticed the first effects right away, because after the treatments my head was more balanced and my hands and feet, which are usually cold, were much warmer after the respective treatments!

A.E., München

I'm super thankful for the Moxa treatment. Max helped me with alleviating my hip-pain and fixed some major muscle tension from years of training. Highly recommended!

L.A., München

Wie bereits kurz nach der Behandlung gesagt, waren die Schmerzen nach dem Abbrennen der Räucherstäbchen verschwunden. Dieser Zustand hielt auch noch einige Tage an!
Ich werde gerne wiederkommen, um die Schmerzen auch längerfristig zu beseitigen. Vielen Dank!

M.B., München

I'm very well, thanks! I don't have headache anymore. That's thanks to you.

J.D., Cyprus